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A new dimension of mobility

Our services for your company

Urban Skyhubs is an independent consulting company.

We can respond precisely to your individual requirements and provide you with the best possible advice. In order to realize your vision of new mobility, we offer you a wide range of services from the idea to the realization of your project.

What are Urban Skyhubs? What is Urban Air Mobility? How can you benefit from it?


We familiarize you with the complex topic of Urban Air Mobility and the players and levels of action involved. We give you an overview of the offers and providers in the market of air vehicles. We provide you with decision-making aids based on suitable best practice examples. Furhermore we will create roadmaps for you to guarantee successful investments.

// Markttransparenz
// Benchmark-Studie
// Roadmap

What are the possibilities? What is the first step? How must be proceeded?


We provide you with comprehensive advice on the topic of infrastructure for Urban Air Mobility. Our team examines various implementation scenarios for your project. We analyze your infrastructure for strengths and weaknesses on the topic of Urban Air Mobility and create possible flight route profiles. We determine your needs for the construction and operation of an Urban Skyhub as well as the possible distribution and location of Urban Skyhubs in your area of consideration.

// Quick Check Netz & Infrastruktur
// Teststrecke- & Pilot Roadmap
// Standortcheck von Urban Skyhubs

What does Urban Air Mobility cost? What is required? How long does it take until the
first launch?


Our team determines all requirements from a user and operator perspective for the construction and operation of your Urban Skyhub. We develop an overall network plan for integration into the surrounding infrastructure and the supraregional multimodal transport network. We provide you with a rough cost analysis, connect you with the appropriate partners and create a master plan. Here you will find clear recommendations for the construction and operation of your Urban Skyhub.

// Infrastruktureinbindung
// Machbarkeitsstudie
// Nutzermanagement

Which partners are needed for the construction? How can the quality be assured? How does a possible commissioning run?


We realize the construction of your Urban Skyhub. We ensure the fastest possible commissioning through our extensive experience in project management. Through continuous quality controls we enable a fast completion of your Urban Skyhub.

// Bauplanung
// Realisierung
// Qualitätskontrolle

How do you operate an urban skyhub or an entire network? What services are needed?


We support you in the ongoing operation of your Urban Skyhub and create a concept for the best possible utilization and the required services.

// Betriebsplanung
// Betriebsdurchführung
// Service Design

We enable you to implement Urban Air Mobility efficiently in the right places.

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