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Infrastructure for Urban Air Mobility

A new dimension of mobility

Infrastructure for Urban Air Mobility

A new dimension of mobility

A new dimension of mobility

Groundbreaking developments in the field of Urban Air Mobility are laying the foundation for a new dimension of mobility in urban and peripheral areas. A key success factor is to create the right infrastructure for your Urban Air Mobility.

We believe that properly located and designed Urban Skyhubs enable new impulses for mobility and economic growth. This creates new urban hotspots that productively connect people, places and business, as well as urban life.

Urban Skyhubs is an independent consulting firm. It helps its clients to individually and successfully integrate the structural and functional infrastructure for Urban Air Mobility into urban environments and existing mobility offerings.

Urban Skyhubs links vehicles, places and users and focuses on the added value for all stakeholders.

The groundbreaking developments in the field of Urban Air Mobility are laying the foundation for a revolution in mobility in both urban and peripheral areas.

Urban Skyhubs is an independent and neutral consulting company. 
It is the only company on the market that looks at Urban Air Mobility as an overall concept.

The right infrastructure is an important factor for the success and benefit of Urban Air Mobilty


Identifying the right vehicle for your Urban Air Mobility gives you significant competitive advantages.


Being able to identify with certainty which route networks and hubs make sense and are possible gives you security for future investment decisions.


Identifying future user requirements at an early stage gives you long-term certainty of action for strategic decisions.

Urban Air Mobility offers new solutions in these areas

Urban centres
for new connections

Cities become increasingly connected. Urban Air Mobility is becoming a key technology that enables people to get to their destination in the fastest and safest way. Driven by urban challenges such as traffic congestion and urbanization, the pace of change in urban mobility is accelerating. Urban Air Mobility can offer a flexible and reliable mobility service for inner- and inter-city traffic.

Ecology & Sustainability

Sustainability is a crucial component at all levels of societal development and will determine the trends of the future, especially in the area of mobility. Urban Air Mobility can make a significant contribution to more sustainable mobility through emission-free flying, while having a very low infrastructural and construction impact.

Regional connections

Due to rapidly growing megatrends such as urbanization, it is becoming increasingly important to connect peripheral areas and regions with urban centers. Urban Air Mobility makes it possible to create fast and cost-efficient connections between locations, buildings, quarters & regions. It has comparatively low construction requirements and is able to connect rural regions to an already existing transport network.

Health & Ambulance

In the healthcare sector, fast, uninterrupted, cost-efficient and as quiet as possible transport options are particularly important. Urban Air Mobility can guarantee uncomplicated transport of people, medicines, personnel or other medical goods such as organs. Often, only a very small infrastructural effort is required here, as it already exists in the form of helicopter landing pads.

Passenger transport

An optimised mobility network that is tailored to the user is of great importance in a sustainable city. Multimodal networks will allow users to decide for themselves which mobility services they want to use  and how they want to combine them. They are indispensable for a successful mobility concept. Urban Air Mobility can act as an important component of the overall network. It can contribute as an attractive and innovative part to the mobility of tomorrow.

Logistical possibility spaces

Already today, small drones are used for logistical purposes worldwide. Urban Air Mobility can pick up where this left off and sensibly expand the logistics concept with unmanned eVTOL. This makes it possible to deliver time-intensive deliveries quickly and safely within cities or even regionally.

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